The Effect of Paternalistic Leadership on Innovation ‎Behavior ‎(Applied Study for a Sample of Academic Staffs at ‎the University of Basrah)‎


This study aims to determine the effect of the paternalistic ‎leadership on the innovation behavior. The Conceptual ‎framework and hypotheses development were built based on ‎main variables of the study. The Higher Education sector ‎was selected, namely. 338 Academic staffs has been selected ‎as randomly sample, and the questionnaire was selected as ‎a methods for data collection. The results of the study ‎showed that, there is a positive effect of parental leadership ‎on the innovation behavior of academic staffs. Therefore, the ‎leaders at the University of Basrah should give a more ‎attentions to adopt a new leadership styles and understand ‎how they can change and develop the innovation behaviors ‎of academic staffs.‎