Effect of (Al2O3) on Flexural Analysis of Polymer Matrix Composite Reinforced by Unidirectional Glass Fiber


The flexural analysis of the composite specimens made from polymer matrix composite that reinforced with different volume fraction of glass fiber and alumina powder (Al2O3) were studied here experimentally and numerically by using finite element method.The composite specimens was employed in this research made three ratios of volume fraction of glass fiber and five ratios of volume fraction of alumina powder (Al2O3). The results illustrated that the deflection increases in linear relationship with increase of the load, while decrease in nonlinear relationship with increase the volume fraction of (glass) and (Al2O3) for both experimental and numerical studies.The maximum value of deflection for the specimen equals to 1.85 mm at Vf of (glass) = 10% only and without Vf of (Al2O3). While the minimum value of deflection equals to 0.392 mm at Vf of (glass) = 30% and Vf of (Al2O3) = 5% for the same value of load = 10 N and for experimental results.