Buoyancy Heat Transfer In Staggered Dividing Square Enclosure


In this research, the Buoyancy heat transfer and flow patterns in a partiallydivided square enclosure with staggered partitions have been studied numerically.The partitions were distributed on the lower and upper surfaces of the box instaggered manner. The height of the partitions was varied. The conduction heattransfer through the fins (partitions) was also included. It is assumed that thevertical walls of enclosure were adiabatic and its horizontal walls were maintainedat uniform but in different temperature. The problem was formulated in terms ofthe stream function-vorticity procedure. The numerical solution based on thetransformation of the governing equations by using finite difference method wasobtained. The effect of increasing the partition height and Rayleigh number oncontour maps of the stream lines and temperature were reported and discussed. Inaddition, the research presented and discussed the results of the average Nussultnumber of the enclosures heated wall at various Rayleigh number anddimensionless partition heights. The results showed that the mean Nussult numberincreases with the increasing of Rayleigh number and decreases with theincreasing of partition heights. The distributed heat by conduction through thepartition increases with the increasing of the partition height especially at(H/L ≥ 0.3). A comparison between the obtained results and the publishedcomputational studies has been made and it showed a good agreement withpercentage error not exceed (0.54%).