Excitation and Governing Control of a Power Generation Based Intelligent System


Modern power systems are complex and non-linear and their operating conditionscan vary over a wide range. In this work, the power system (PS) transient terminalvoltage and frequency stability enhancement have been well investigated and studiedthrough the following efforts.• Enhancing the responses of the transient stability by adopting conventional PIDcontrollers as an additional voltage controller with the Automatic Voltage Regulator(AVR) in the excitation system for terminal voltage, and in the governing system forfrequency deviation response.• ANN (NARMA-L2) system is proposed as an effective controller model to achieve thedesired enhancement. This model after training can be called as (Identifier). Thisidentifier follows the system behavior even in situation of high disturbances.There are enhancement progress in terminal voltage Vt , and frequency deviation Δωthrough the investigation for the three cases (without controller, with PID controller, andwith NN controller) for single machine infinite bus using MATLAB – Simulink software.