An Experimental Investigation of Some Relevant Process Parameters Affecting Formed Thickness in ISMF Process


In this paper, a systematic approach to investigate the effect of some relevantprocess parameters on thickness variation aspect in incremental sheet metal forming(ISMF) process has been studied. The thickness variation aspect was investigated bydisclosing the effects of four discrete process parameters: number of forming passesχ 1,typology of forming speed χ2, direction of tool travel relative to the rolling direction χ3,and typology of tool path χ4. The proposed systematic approach utilizes design ofexperiment (DOE) and analysis of variance (ANOVA) as a base to study the effects offour process parameters and different influential combinations. The analyses resultshave shown that number of forming passes χ1, and direction of tool travel relative tothe rolling direction χ3 have greatest effect on the thickness variation. It isdemonstrated that the response table and response graph, main effect plot, analysis ofvariance ANOVA and predictive model generation are powerful systematic procedureto disclose the impacts of the process parameters on the thickness variation.