Real Time Digital Speed Control System for DC Servo Motor Using LabVIEW 8.5 Package


This paper describes the design and implementation of a personal computerbased closed loop DC motor speed control system Using LabVIEW 8.5 Packagefor data manipulation and interface control. Tuning the parameters of the PIDcontroller is done using trial and error method by conducting simulation on thesystem model using Matlab package. This method is used to find the best systemresponse depending on the tuning parameters of the PID controller. Theseparameters are then implemented in the designed real time digital PID controllersystem based on LabVIEW package.Carrying out the task of tuning the PID controller on the real time model requiresgreat effort and time consuming especially in the early stages. Thus the PIDcontroller tuning is firstly carried out on the simulation model in Matlab which istime saving and gives close parameter approximation for applying in the real timesystem directly. The PID control action in the real time system shows moreoscillation in comparison with the PID simulation control action. Simulation andreal time results for the speed control of the DC motor experiment were found tohave a high degree of agreement in maintaining the desired speed of the motor.