Analysis of Flow Characteristics In Inlet And Exhaust Manifolds of Experimental Gasoline Combustion In A VCR Engine


In the present work, an approach to estimate of flow characteristic in inlet andexhaust manifolds of internal combustion engines is performed using a four-strokevariable compression ratio single cylinder gasoline engine.In the theoretical part a computer simulations of the flow field in the intakeand exhaust systems as well as the cylinder cavity for the experimental dataobtained in the gas exchange cycle program using the method of characteristics forthe engine dimensions and timings used in the experimental study as well as thedata obtained from the gas exchange cycle program for the sake of comparisonand presentation of flow characteristic.In the experimental work, the compression ratio was varied from 7 to 11 atvariable speed with constant throttle opening, where engine performance wasobtained.Results of engine performance as well as pressure, temperature and velocityfields in the intake and exhaust systems obtained by the gas exchange cycleprogram using the method of characteristics are presented.