Using chemical etching technique to determination the crystal orientation for silicon wafer


AbstractThe crystal orientation of a semiconductor play a significant role to effects thecharacteristics of manufactured semiconductor solar cells and the optical detectors.In this research we use the chemical etching technique and microscopic testingto determine the crystal orientation of the silicon wafer, where mechanicalpolishing and Wet Etching described the geometric dislocations pits which refersto thecrystallographicorientation. Microscopic examination has been describingdifferences geometric dislocations pits which reflected from plane (111) in thesilicon wafer, by the impact of different chemical solutions. CP-4 etch appeardislocations pits in geometric forms flat trigonometric, while using KOH solutionshow that pits in conical shape which refers to the vector [111] for silicon wafer.In this work acid chromium oxide solution has been used to showing thegeometric dislocations pits of plane (100) in the forms of four fold flat symmetrywhich refers to that plane in Silicon wafer, as the distribution of Miller Indices inthe cubic system.