The mental image of the Iraqi political system among the cultured class


The opinion of the cultured class is an important indicator in all societies, especially in assessing the political system, Because it is the category that is most aware of the complexity of the components and tasks of the political system, Therefore, the research relied on the mental image formed in the mind of the educated class about the political system, This vision was divided into five main axes (the electoral process, government performance, political representation, political culture, and available civil liberties), After subjecting the data to (validity 81.5% and homogeneity 78%), The evaluation score for all aspects was medium, with an average of (50%), Despite the progress of the first axis (the electoral process) over the other axes. The correlations between the axes showed a strong relationship (70%) between the first and third axes (the electoral process) and (political representation), This indicates that the political system in Iraq has made progress in elections and then in political representation, but it lags behind in government performance, political culture and civil liberties.