Strategic alliance with the boundary


The purpose of Israel for the formulation of regional alliances with the forces hostile to the enemies themselves, the Arab countries in particular, according to the principle of "enemy's enemy is my friend". Called the founder of the Mossad, Reuven Shiloh, on this endeavor, "strategic alliance with the frontier," a reference to the creation of links, mostly secret, with the countries of located in the "outer belt" surrounding Israel (by name diameters adjacent to the enemies of Israel from neighboring countries from the other side of Iran, Turkey, Ethiopia) and with movements of minorities confidentiality of common interest (such as the Kurds in Iraq or the Christians in Lebanon, South Sudan). David Ben-Gurion, first prime minister of Israel, a strong supporter of this policy. And to assume leadership of the Mossad, became a strategic alliance with the boundaries of the compass Israeli activity in the Middle East and Africa.