The strategic relation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).


Most political agrees analysts that the relationship between the Islamist group Hamas and the Islamic Republic in Iran is the unequal relationship between the actors owe, but the continued and followed, has demonstrated the recent war in the Gaza Strip, the connection goes as well as many analyzes as to say: Today we the process View turned the Palestinian cause, and wrested from the hands of her sons the Palestinians themselves after Palestine became an arena of confrontation between the two axes, two: the axis of moderation, and the axis of opposition, and became the Palestine today, as is the case in Lebanon, a center for the echo of regional conflicts, prompting Israeli officials to say that the conflict is no longer a dispute Israeli Palestinians, but a regional conflict between extremists and moderates, which miss in the future, and obscures the issues of Palestinian pressing of the occupation, settlements, and the return of refugees, and the final status of Jerusalem, and if Iran today is an active regional can not be ignored or undeniable in the region, the United States be forced to deal with it for the graceful exit from Iraq, and the freezing of the crises in Lebanon and Palestine, and then the Palestinian cause of the biggest losers, along with the Islamist Hamas movement which took place on Iran to the region ..