Analytical Criticizing Study of Governmental Contracts Instructions no.1, Issued by the Ministry of Planning and Developing Cooperation at 2008


For the important role of the Governmental Contracts Instructions, issued bythe Ministry of Planning and Developing Cooperation, in regulating the works ofthe Iraqi Construction Sector, rights, duties, and delegations of GovernmentalClients, Contractors, Consultants, and Importers. This analytical criticizing studyhas been carried out, covering the rules of Governmental Contract Instructionsno.1 for 2008. The study aims at focusing on amendments need to be issued,seeking for meeting some general concepts of the Iraqi Construction Sectorconcerning contracts natures, award, credits, and ban. In addition, it seeks formeeting justice criteria in disputes settlement, bonds, liquidated damages,overheads, breach. and payment terms. It also seeks for being consistent withother rules concerning, tenders opening and evaluation, time extension, andvariations. In addition, it seeks for better organizing concerning titles, inceptionrules, bidding procedures, announcement, and invitations. It is recommended thatthe Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation may take theseamendments into consideration.