Computer Aided Training Needs Analysis And Performance Improvement Measurement(Ca- Tnapim) System


The purpose of training is to facilitate learning skills and knowledge required.Success or failure of any education and training will depend to a very large extent on theaccuracy and effectiveness of the needs analysis. The outcome of training is acceptableperformance on these tasks. In this research an algorithm is established in order to build acomputer aided training needs analysis system based on 360 º-feedbacks approach forperformance appraisals. This system is called CA- 360º TNAPIM. Mathematical modelis designed in this work in order to analyze training needs which is used to calculate theperformance gap of each trainee and of each management level in the organizationalhierarchy, The performance gap at each performance objective of each employee, allperformance objectives of each employee, each performance objective of all employeesand Performance gap of factory or an organization The system has been tested in (SٍtateCompany for Electrical Industries), in (Motors of Air-Cooler Factory), and showedPerformance gap of factory before training was 26.77%, Performance level was73.23%, after training was 19.87%, 80.13% and Performance improvement level was25.70% .