Induce resistance in tomato plants against Tomato Mosaic Virus (ToMV) by Pseudomonas fluorescens


s fluorescens This study was conducted to evaluate the ability of Pseudomonato induce systemic resistance in tomato plants against Tomato mosaic virus (ToMV) infection.Tomato seeds were surface sterilized by sodium hypochlorite (1%).Twenty seeds were soaked in Pseudomonas fluorescens suspension at 5 × 109 CFU/ml for 24 hrs anthor 20 seeds were soaked in( KB)broth for 24 hrs.The treated seeds were sown in plastic pots with 15× 10cm dimension (sterilized with ethanol )containing steril mix soil (2seeds /pot).Also non treated seeds were sown in the same soil for foliage spraying with bacterial suspension. The pots were maintained in muslin protected cages under green house condition.The plants were ToMV- inoculated at 2 primary leaves. The virus multiplication was followed by formation of local lesions on Nicotiana glutinosa .Reuslts showed that treated seeds with bacterial suspension at 5× 109 CFU/ml inhibited ToMVmultiplication by 90.30 %after 15 day of virus inoculation,2 spots were appeared on half leaf Nicotiana glutinosa inoculated by extract from treated plants compared with 26 spots on the half leaf inoculated by extract from infected plants.Similar results were obtained when the plants foliage was sprayed by the bacterial suspension (88.8%inhibition)at 5× 108CFU/ml.