Measurement of Economic Efficiency for the Projects of Bee Raising inside and outside Towns in wasit Governorate


Iraq suffers from a significant Iack of bee products and the supply of domestic product cannot meet the demand increasing due to increased purchasing power of the citizen by and to increase awareness of food and health on the other , and that a large part of consumption is saturable by imports and with the accompanying loss amounts large herd currency , of country needs to support development projects in addition to the products of many of the attendant fraud and that the absence of trade control note that the conditions of the country in all regions , especially central and northern suitable for breeding and production . So it was necessary to the attention of the institutions of the agricultural sector and public sectors of this vital resource , and here was the goal of research to see the economic efficiency of these projects and used for this purpose (20) economic criterion proved these criteria economic efficiency , good for all projects that have established within or outside the cities and that the results of statistical analysis is the other pointed to the lack of significant differences for all but dissolved Apiaries (6) by choosing (L.S.D ) at the significant level ( 0.05 ) .