Eُnvironmental Performance Assessment (EPA) by using computerized system


The performance evaluation is an important element of the ISO 14000 process ISO14001:2004reffered to the environmental performance(EP) , as the measurable results of anorganization's management of its environmental aspect .An efficient environmental systemenables management to set and meet environmental standards and to assess whether theorganization's environmental objectives are being achieved, it allow to concentrate their focuson significant gaps in environmental performance.. The (CA- EPA) computer aidedEnvironmental Performance Assessment system, is modified from the CA-360˚ TPM systemto appropriate the Environmental Performance Assessment (EPA). In this workenvironmental performance objectives are included in the database of the system. By using(CA- EPA) the (state company of leather Industries) was selected as application domain forassessment its Environmental performance.The results showed that The Performance level of maintenance &-employees choice are 40%of the target level, where, the objectives (goals identifying), environmental instructionapplications& laws &orders show the strong points , their Performance level is 80%. The.E.Performance level of the other factors are 60%. The total Environmental Performancelevel is 62% and the summation of total points is 3.14 from the target value 5 and the totalgaps from the target value are 38.8 %.