Effect of nitrogen fertilization and foliar application of zinc in growth and yield of corn (Zea mayes)


A field experiment has been carried out in Autumn-2008 to study the effect of different levels of nitrogen and foliar nutrition application of Zinc on some growth parameters and yield for the species Zea mays L.var. IPA 5012 . A factorial experiment was applied according to Randomized Complete Block Design (R.C.B.D) with three replicates. The experiment included the addition of four levels (100,150. 200, 250, kg . ha-1) of nitrogen and five levels of zinc ( 0,25,50,75,100 mg Zn L-1 ). The results showed the 250 kg . ha-1 treatment gave the highest growth indicators particularly plant height, leaf area, total dry weight , harvest index and grain yield which equal 173cm , 727cm2 , 503gm / plant , 0.36 and 180gm for the parameters above respectively. Also 50 mg Zn L-1 treatment gave a significant increase for the same parameters mentioned above which were equal 184cm , 730cm2,558gm /plant , 0.37and 208gm plant-1 . while 250 kg . ha-1 and 50 mg Zn L-1 treatment gave highest value for all parameters were studied.