The Effect of Using Micro-Teaching on the Acquisition of Some Teaching Skills by English Department Students/ Basic Education College


This research aims at investigating the effect of using micro-teaching on the acquisition of some teaching skills (sustain skills and skills of using teaching techniques) by English Department students / Basic Education College during the first semester of the academic year (2007-2008). The sample of the study has been randomly chosen from the fourth year students. It consists of (20) subjects. It has been divided into two groups, the first group represents the experimental group that has been taught by using microteaching and the second group represents the control group that has been taught by using the conventional method. The researchers have chosen the post-observation equivalent groups design as an experimental design; and they prepared an evaluation card depending on previous studies to test the hypotheses of the current study. Moreover, the validity of the evaluation card has been confirmed through its presentation to a panel of experts. The reliability factor, however, has been computed by using Person Correlation Coefficient with Spearman-Brown Prophecy formula. After the treatment of the statistical data by using T-test of the two separated groups, the findings show significant statistical differences between the experimental group and the control group in favour of the experimental group.