In vitro evaluation of sealing ability of matched-taper single cone obturation with an electrochemical method.


Abstractwidespread use of rotary Nickel-Titanium systems has caused manufacturers toproduce gutta-percha cones that match the taper of the canals prepared with thesesystems. The aim of this study was to use electrochemical method to compare theapical sealing ability of taper single-cone, Thermafil obturation in canals preparedwith ProTaper and ProFile instruments. Forty extracted human mandibular premolarwere divided into 2 groups. All canals in group (A) prepared with ProFile, while allcanals in group (B) prepared with ProTaper. Each group subdivided into twosubgroup according to the method of obturation, (Thermafil and matched taper- singlecone).The apical leakage in these groups was evaluated using an electrochemicalmethod. T-test showed a non significant difference between Thermafil and matchedtaper-single cone obturation technique in the same group. A significant difference wasfound between ProTaper and ProFile group in both obturation techniques.