Design A Real Time Fast Fuzzy Filter Using Fpga


A nonlinear filtering is an important partof processing and restoring image sequence.The computation complexity of these filteringalgorithms makes them difficult for real-timeprocessing. This paper presents the designand implementation of a pure fuzzy filter,which is effective to remove the impulse noise,and a new method for hardwareimplementation into single chip FPGA isproposed. The construction of the fuzzy filteris simple and depends on a set of fuzzy rulesto well detect and remove noise pulses.Simulation results show that the fuzzy filterexhibits better filtering properties thanstandard median filters. The basic FPGAimplementation of the filter cannot reach thelimit for real time processing with goodefficiency. The proposed fuzzy filter isimplemented by modifying the input datalocations and increase the speed of processingseven times without any increase in the cost.