The Effects of Using Eco-friendly Materials for the Production of High Strength Mortar


This study aims to evaluate the effect of using eco-friendly mineral admixtures, such as calcined clay (CC), silica fume (SF), and limestone (L), as partial replacements for ordinary Portland cement (OPC) in the production of high-strength mortar(HSM). The use of these materials can help reduce the environmental impact of cement production by decreasing carbon dioxide emissions and preserving natural resources. To achieve the desired strength, different mixtures were proportioned by increasing the percentage of binder and limiting the water-to-binder ratio (w/b) with the aid of superplasticizer (SP) type G. The mechanical behavior and strength of the blended cements were evaluated, and the optimal mix was determined based on the results of mechanical behavior, strength, and flowability. The results revealed that the optimal mix that gives the best mechanical behavior is the mix F32 with combination of (8% SF + 4 %L+ 13% CC) with an increase about 35 % to control mix strength. The study concludes that using CC, SF, and L as partial replacements for OPC can improve the properties of modern concrete/mortar mixes, resulting in improved durability, service-life properties, and mechanical properties. The results of this study can be utilized as a base for future studies on the same concrete mix design.