Effect of Tobacco and Sulpur powders for the control of lesser date moth Batrachedra amydraula. Myer. Cosmopterygidae: Lepidoptera on the Khastawi cultiva


The lesser date moth Batrachedra amydraula .Meyr. is considered a major pest of date palm in many places of the world including Iraq causing significant economic losses. A field study was conducted to evaluate the effect of Tobacco powder, Sulphur powder and their mixture on the lesser date moth infesting khastawi cultivar close to saglawia region in Al-anbar province during the spring season of 2008 . Results revealed that a better control was obtained with the Tobacco powder and it,s mixture with Sulphur, at one week, two weeks, and three weeks after treatment. The general means were (11.7, 12.7, 24.7%) for the three treatments respectively compared to (21.1%) in the control treatment.