Experimental Tests on Orthotropically RC Rectangular Slabs Having Various Restrained Edges and Subjected to Uniform Load


In this research, nine orthotropically reinforced concrete (RC) rectangular slabshaving various boundary restraints at the edges are tested under uniformly distributedload. The main aim of these tests is to show that when some or all edges of a slab arerestrained against rotation and horizontal translation the ultimate load carrying capacityof the slab will be enhanced greatly above that suggested by the simple Johansen ,s yieldline theory(1). For this purpose, a specially designed rig is constructed and used forproviding slabs with various boundary restraints along their edges.The results of tests, which are presented in the form of load-deflection curves plottednon-dimensionally, show that for restrained slabs the enhancement in load aboveJohansen ,s load ranges between 50% and 100% depending on the number and positionsof the slab restrained edges. These results are also used to examine the accuracy of arecently submitted elastic-plastic theoretical model(2).