Prevalence of overhang margins in posterior amalgam restorations and alveolar bone resorption


Background: Overhanging dental restorations(ODR) are a major dental health problem, it is an etiologic factor in the progression of periodontal disease, and are alarmingly prevalent .The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of overhang margins and associated periodontal status in 100 patients, clinically detectable overhang margins were recorded on posterior teeth.Materials and Methods: Overhanging margins on a proximal restoration were detected by using of bitewing radiographs. 2089 restored surfaces were evaluated, of these 1185 had overhanging margins.Results: As far as related to their effect (ODR) on periodontal health, significantly more bone loss-attachment occurs adjacent to ODR compared to teeth without ODR.Conclusion: This study show high prevalence of overhanging amalgam margins, further more, this study show that ODRs have a significant influence on periodontal status.