An evaluation of the effect of retention means on increasing the debonding strength of the denture acrylic teeth attached to the denture base resin


Background: The debonding of acrylic teeth from the denture base is a challenging problem to the dentist and dental technician in which special means must be done to increase the debonding strength of the tooth.Material and method: Sixty specimens of acrylic central incisors were attached to acrylic rods and grouped into 5 groups according to the shape of the retention means placed at the tooth ridge lap. The specimens were strained under tension to examine their debonding strength.Results: The teeth with serrations (Group 2) have shown to be the most effective mean of increasing debonding strength, followed by the 2 longitudinal grooves (Group 4) where the difference between these groups was insignificant. Then followed by the teeth with 4 holes, and finally the difference between the teeth with a central groove and the control group were insignificant.Conclusions: It is recommended that the tooth ridge lap should be serrated with a fissure groove or placement of the 4 grooves to increase the debonding strength of the tooth.