The Influence of Dr. Mustafa Nasif on Pre-Islamic Poetry Researchers


Dr. Mustafa Nasif has valuable opinions in the pre-Islamic poetry and his opinions emanate from Young theory in the collective unconsciousness, which he presented in his studies entitled (The literary image, the theory of meaning in the Arabic criticism and another reading to our earlier poetry). The researchers were influenced by his visions, some of them agreed with him and some rejected them including Dr. AbdulJabbar AlMuttalibi, Dr. Adil AlBayyati, Dr. Ahmed Kamal Zeki, Dr. Kamal ABulDheeb and others. The research tackled the symbols of night, the wild bull and wild donkey, mare, water and woman between them and Dr. Nasif and the research concluded that Dr. Nasif’s reading of the pre-Islamic poetry was new in which he was considered a pioneer as he penetrated far behind the text and that what the new critical studies call for.