Mutual Influence between the Jurisprudence and Syntactic


In the present study, we shed light on the extent of affection and influence between the jurisprudence and the grammatical principles. Reviewing the history of these two sciences, we observed the extent of their intervention and how jurisprudence principles impact greatly upon the grammatical ones. We can say that there is no Islamic science has the same effect on the grammatical heritage as this science has. There are many factors combing with each other to make jurisprudence principles the source from which grammarians obtained their principles. These are represented in many aspects, for example, the grammarians trying to codify their general principles under science of jurisprudence principles. The result of that trial was science of grammatical principles. Yet, these affection and influence remain formally. They do not exceed the content nor go beyond the method of codification. Each science has its own technique in treating the even though the terms are similar because the scientists of each science work in the other one. Thus, the scientific certificate in the religious sciences is awarded just to those who gain mastery in both rational and traditional sciences.