The Role of Iraq in Supporting the Prophet Muhammad


This study aims at talking about the role of Iraqis in patronizing and condoling the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) at the time the unbelievers upset and hurt the prophet and followers.The first existence of Iraq at the theatre of message was presented throughout the personality Adaas Meti at the tenth year of the glorious Prophetic mission at Mekkah time. By the time the tough day has continued into the evening most hurtfully against the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for acute sufferings and torture he was tasted by Al-Taif people. The night has fallen till the Islamic movement has moved to Al-Taif which was refused by the latter, shifted to another world, the world of fairy of Nasibin people, that abundant city of peninsula land to road of caravans from Mosul to sham and the role of Shiban people in Iraq who have believed in the movement of Islam but their circumstances and the will of almighty God which kept them from taking the Prophet with them to the land of Iraq.Additionally the Battle of Ziker which Iraqis fought on behalf of the people generally, and the road in which the splendid follower Salman Al-Farisi passed, that helped him to reach belief in the way of Islam was on the land of Iraq in the city of Mosul. This study explains all these matters with some details.