Synthesis and characterization of the mixed ligand complexes (L-alanine and anthranilic acid) with some transition Ions


This paper presents the synthesis and study of some new mixed-ligands complexes containing anthranilic acid and amino acid L-alanine (Ala) with some metals. The resulting products were found to be solid crystalline complexes which have been characterized by using (FT-IR,UV-Vis) spectra , melting point, molar conductivity , chloride ion content were also determin by (mohr method) and determination the percentage of the metal in the complexes by (AAS).The proposed structure of the complexes was suggested using program , Chem Office 3D(2004) .The general formula have been given for the prepared complexes :[M(A)(Ala)]. nH2O n= 0,2AH = Anthranilic acid = C7H7NO2 AlaH = alanine = C3H7NO2Anthranilate ion = C7H6NO2- Ala- = Alanin ate ion = C3H6NO2-M(II): Mn(II) ,Fe(II),Co(II) , Ni(II) , Cu(II) , Zn(II) and Cd(II)