Establishments of Good Governance In Sustaining Arab Development


This paper presents explanatory analysis for the basic indicators of good governance coincided with several issues related with the influences of these indicators in approximated measurement for sustainable development to many Arab economies. Good governance indicators measure the following six dimensions of: 1) accountability and voice; 2) political stability and violence; 3) government effectiveness; 4) regulatory quality; 5) rule of law; and 6) control of corruption. It covers five Arab countries and territories for 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, and 2004. The countries are: Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, and Jordan. The paper analyzing those indicators of the six dimensions of governance for each period, as well as several different issues, like: 7) Money Contract and 8) State Democracy, influencing related economic growth and hence development values for the Arab countries sample. Three sections: Arab development management, Arab development indicators and dimensions, and Arab development sustainability.. undertake several important links as a features of all efforts needed to establishing good governance, including objective indicators. Five features of Human Sustainable Development affecting people's Lifestyle, are: Empowerment, Co-operation, Equity, Social Security, Sustainability of development generations. The Arab economies have abundance of natural, human, and historical wealth that meets both of the economic development sustainable development inquiries.