Assessing the quality of Product using statistical quality control maps: a case study"


Statistical process control (SPC) involves measurements of process performance that aim to identify common and assignable causes of quality variation and maintain process Performance within specified limits. it is fashionable buzzword in manufacturing industry. Manufacturing organizations need to improve quality while decreasing costs and increasing production volumes with fewer resources. [1] As competitive pressure has been steadily rising. These studies aimed to assess production quality in the plant, in this research we have about (15) sample of product in 2 weeks each one content 3 sub sample. We apply the (R-bar(,) S-bar( &pooled standard deviation. [2], [3], [4] [5] analyzing data collection by using MINTAB present that the production did not mach the specification that the plant management wanted to achieve. The underlying goal of the study is to reduce the variations and rejections in a critical process. The objective of this paper is to monitoring the quality of Product using statistical quality control maps; explain the concept of statistical process control and its application in a manufacturing industry to improve the quality levels. [6]