Italian Policy Towards Othman State 1919 – 1921


The secret treaties were hold by the alliances at the time of the First World War, formed the Italian policy towards the Othman state in the stage that followed it. At the peace conference, the Italians were holding on the distinctions which they have got according to the secret treaties, which were firstly economic distinctions , yet the alliances eluded of their previous treaties and stand against the directions of their last alliance. The matter which creates a lot of problems, which made Italy seeks for achieving its demands by means of military occupation, and this is what happened in the problem of Azmeer when the Italian military forces which got down in it under the excuse of being the area is granted to them according to London secret treaty. But the opponent situation for the alliances obliged the Italians to withdraw their forces after then. At the same time when the Turkish National Movement , Italy tried to find a special relationship with the patriots as an attempt to get their goals , especially, that they consider the Sultan Government in Istanbul is supporting British, so the Italian government longs to support those patriots for achieving its aims and in return the Turkish would got a lot of loads of weapons from Italians which enable them of continuing their fighting against the Greek.