Studying the Internal Heat Transfer By Natural Convection Through an Inclined and a Modified Square Enclosure with a Triangular Top Wall.


A numerical analysis used to simulate laminar natural convective heat transfer in a two-dimensional inclined and a modified square enclosure having a triangular top wall has been performed. The model is applied to analyze natural convection in this enclosure where the left side wall is subjected to a constant heat flux while the other opposite wall is kept at isothermal cold temperature. The other enclosure walls are considered adiabatic. The enclosure under study is filled with air with Prandtl number is taken as 0.71. The two-dimensional flow is solved numerically by using the Finite Volume Method (FVM).The computations are carried out at different heights of triangular top wall. The Rayleigh numbers considered ranging from 103 to 106. The effect of inclination angle of the enclosure on the resulting convection process is investigated for inclination angles ranging from 0o to 60o. The results of the present investigation show that the convective phenomenon is greatly influenced by the inclined top wall height and the dominance of the convective currents with the increase of Rayleigh number and inclination angle. The streamline and isotherm plots and the variation of the average Nusselt number at the hot left side wall are also presented. The results showed a good agreement with another published results.