The Object in Akkadian A comparative study


This paper deals with the object which is one of the main pillars of verbal sentence that has a transitive verb in both Akkadian and Arabic.The paper sheds light on most phenomena and cases that are relevant.The sections of the paper were arranged starting from the definition of the object, showing the effect and the grammatical cases and the changes that take place on both of them regarding number and gender. Then, we tackled its position in the sentence. It was noted that the object has various position in Akkadian while its Arabic counterpart was put at the front or deferred. Then, we showed its types by clarifying it most important forms. we also came across an issue which has paramount importance in showing the object, namely, the factors which affect it ,among which the transitive verbs are the leading ones Finally, we presented the case of multiple objects in the sentence by putting forward a number of affective verbal forms, noting that many of the previously mentioned cases were compared with Arabic , wherever necessary


stones, object, sentence