A Modification of TEA Block Cipher Algorithm for Data Security (MTEA)


This paper attempts to develop a simple, stronger and safer cryptographicalgorithm which would not only be a secure one, but also reduces total time takenfor encryption and decryption. The modified algorithm MTEA is a new secret-keyblock cipher of 64 bit that uses good features of Tiny Encryption Algorithm(TEA) and RC6 algorithms. The proposal algorithm uses the RC6 encryptionalgorithm as key scheduling to generate subkey. These generated key will be usedin META algorithm's round. An effort is made to enhance performance of theresulting algorithm. Proposed MTEA algorithm improved TEA algorithm which isa simple classical Feistel network with 64 rounds and operating on 64 bit blocks ofplaintext to produce 64 bit blocks of ciphertext with 128 bit key.