Evaluating the prevalence of specific Treponemal antibodies in Iraqi blood donor


Detection of specific antibodies to Treponema pallidum in serum is correlated withSyphilis. The study aimed to know the seroprevalence of Specific treponemal antibodiesamong Iraqi blood donors in relation to age and sex. This study was conducted on 8,147subjects attending National Center for Blood Transfusion/Baghdad for donation of bloodduring January 2009 to May 2010. A total of 8,147 blood donors were screened to detect thepresence of specific antibodies against Treponema pallidum by Treponema pallidumHaemagglutination Test (TPHA), according to standard test kit protocol, initially reactivesamples were reconfirmed by repeat testing and repeatedly reactive samples were consideredseropositive for Syphilis. The results of this study showed that seroprevalence of specificantibodies to Treponema pallidum among blood donors were found 1.75%. Moreover, theseroprevalence in males was 1.53% and in females was 0.22% .Furthermore, this studyshowed increase in seroprevalence was found among persons within second to third decade.The study revealed considerably higher Specific treponemal antibodies among the maledonors than Female donors. In conclusion, our results indicate that syphilis is found amonghealthy donors in Iraq and that there is need to introduce Treponema pallidumHaemagglutination Test for the screening of donated blood for specific treponemal antibodyin all blood transfusion centers in Iraqi governorates.