Direct Marketing techniques


Study of Direct Marketing techniques and determining the scope of the suitability of each of them in the application in the Iraqi market - An analytical and explorative study for sample of views for wholesaler in Baghdad. The essential idea of the research is to go into the most important concepts which have been mentioned in the direct marketing and determining its current and most important techniques and knowing the scope of applying these techniques in Baghdad main markets (Karrada, Jamilah, shorja, Baya area, zeyouna and new Baghdad) and which of those techniques most applicable in these markets. The research took a sample of (100) wholesalers who practice the activities of selling nutritional items, auto and outs spare parts, clothes and electrical and electronics appliances. The interviews and the questionnaires are used in the collecting the data of the practical part of the research. The researcher depend upon the scientific books and the internet in collecting the data regarding the theoretical part of the research. The research concluded that the means of telephone is the most useful techniques used in direct marketing by the wholesalers in Baghdad market. And that was followed by the internet and then (capons) then direct mail and finally the mail bills. The research recommended the necessity of developing abilities and possibilities of the workers in the enterprises of wholesaling in the field of the internet and the electronics techniques and also developing the enterprise of post offices and the express mail and giving them more trust for upgrading the reality of direct mail especially in Baghdad market and generally the Iraqi markets.