Sealing ability of a retrograde filling materials using Amalgam, MTA, or Zinc Phosphate cement


AbstractThis study evaluated the ability of mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) to seal the root end effectively by comparing its apical sealing ability with that of amalgam and zinc phosphate cement. Forty five, single rooted extracted human teeth were used in this study, teeth divided randomly into three groups. After root–end resection of teeth, 3 mm depth of retrograde class I cavities were performed in 3 groups. Retrofillings of each group were performed with Amalgam, MTA and Zinc Phosphate cement. Following immersion in 1% Methylene blue dye for 42 hours, the roots were sectioned and the depth of dye penetration was evaluated by a stereomicroscope at X-10 magnification. The sealing ability of the retrograde filling materials was determined by their ability to inhibit dye penetration. Data were analyzed by one way ANOVA test and t-test. MTA provides a better seal than Amalgam and Zinc Phosphate cement when used as retrograde filling.