Gas Chromatography Method for Separation Synthesized Methylethoxysilan Compounds


Abstract Modification of gas chromatographic technique for separation methylethoxysilane compounds which were synthesized by the reaction the absolute ethanol with methylchlorosilane compounds. The addition of dry absolute ethanol to methylchlorosilane compounds in the presence of a dry stream of nitrogen gas to eliminate the liberated HCl gas. This method was found to be the suitable method for preparation methylethoxysilane compounds. The optimum parameter selected after careful and precise studies were between 20 – 30 ml min to carriers gas flow rate, while applied temperature of detector and injection part are 250 °C and 225 °C respectively. The results showed that suitable chromatographic column for the separation of methylchlorosilane compounds is 50% [5% dioctyl phthalate ] + 50% [10% OV- 101 ] .While 10 % OV – 101 column was found to be the best for the separation of methylethoxysilane compounds . Accordingly , a linear relationship for the calibration curve between concentration and peak area was achieved for methylchlorosilane and methyl ethoxysilane with correlation coefficients were ranged between 0.9991- 1. The results of percentage RSD for the methylchlorosilane and methylethoxysila were 0.51-2.08 and 0.053-1.37 respectively.