Random Insertion Watermarking By Computing Angle Between Two Lines In Blue Components On Postage Stamp


This paper presents a new approach for watermarking by using geometric analyticand mathematical model providing robustness to embed the watermarking in postagestamp (ps) image, using the angle between two lines to insert the embeddedinformation in blue component for pixels. Analytic geometry, also known ascoordinate geometry, or Cartesian geometry, is the study of geometry using acoordinate system and analysis. The modern and advanced meaning refers to thegeometry of analytic varieties, to develop a data-hiding method that has a goodperformance in color images. Furthermore, the watermark must be either robust orfragile; depending on the application. The expression "robust" in this paper refers tothe capability of the watermark to resist manipulations of the media. Two types ofwatermarked attack was used; the JEPQ compression as lossy compression (wherecompressing and decompressing data retrieve hidden information that may be closeenough to the original image), and the enhancement filter (mean filter). This proposedwatermarking system refers to the watermark objective evaluation test or (WOET).