Role of Zinc Humate in Availability of Zn and Its Affect on Growth of Wheat (Triticum durum)


The aim of this study to search for the behavior and efficiency of this fertilizer in two soils of different texture (clayly and loamy clay) in comparing with (Zn-DTPA) and the metal sources (ZnSO4 .7H2O) in addition to control treatment. Two soils were planted with wheat in a plastic pot to study the behavior of three fertilizers: Zn-HA, Zn- DTPA, and (ZnSO4 .7H2O in addition to control treatment. Zinc was added at 5 mg Zn/ kg soil. The results were showed that grain yield was found to be increased significantly when zinc fertilizers were added comparing with control treatment zinc hamates fertilizer was superior by %12.4, % 31.2, % 113 comparing to ZnSO4 .7H2O.Zn- DTPA and control treatment respectively and as un average for both soils, also Zn- DTPA fertilizer was superior by % 16.7 over that of ZnSO4 .7H2O. straw yield increased significantly when Zinc added. Also Zinc Hamates fertilizers was superior by 9.7%, 19.4% and 56.7% over Zn- DTPA and ZnSO4 .7H2O respectively, It had been also noticed that led industrial chelating Zinc fertilizers was superior by 8.90% over the metal source ZnSO4 .7H2O. concentration of Zinc in the grain was increased significantly as a result of adding Zinc fertilizers in comparing with control treatment. Zinc Humate fertilizer was superior by 10.7%, and 52.6% over that of Zn-DTPA and ZnSO4 .7H2O respectively. While, Zinc concentration increased in straw and was highs as much as 17.8% and 86.4% respectively and for both soil. concentration of Phosphorous decreased in the grains when different Zinc fertilizer added in comparing with control treatment, but, this decline was not significant it was only 5.1%, 6.0%, and 3.2% when Zinc humate fertilizer used in comparing with control treatment. Whereas, the decline of phosphorous in straw was greater it was 12.3%, 4.50%, and 2.32% respectively and for both soil. This decline was not significant too. the percentage of proteins in the grain was increased with different Zinc fertilizer comparing with control treatment. Zinc humate fertilizer was superior by 9.92%, 19.0%, and 32.1% over Zn-DTPA and ZnSO4 .7H2O and control treatment respectively and. Also, Zn-DTPA was superior in increase in protein percentage of grain by 8.26%, 20.15%, over the ZnSO4 .7H2O fertilizer and control respectively as an average for both soils.