Preparation of Potassium Dicitro Bismuthate Complex as Antigastric Ulcer


The present study was designed to synthesis potassium dicitro bismuthate (III) complex. The complex was characterized by infrared spectra, conductivity and elemental analysis of Bi. The effect of gastro protection was investigated for the prepared complex against HCl- ethanol induced ulcer in rats. The complex was administered to rats at 50 and 100 mgkg doses orally before one hour of receiving 0.2ml of HCl- ethanol mixture to induce gastric ulcer. Sucralfate (100mg kg, orally) was used as standard drug. The severity of gastro mucosal damage induced by HCl-ethanol was analyzed in term of ulcer index value. Administration of potassium dicitro bismuthate (III) one hour before HCl-ethanol had significantly decreased ulcer index value when compared to saline treated group. Sucralfate (100mgkg, orally) also produced a significant decrease in ulcer index when compared with the saline treated group. There was no significant difference between potassium dicitro bismuthate (III) and Sucralfate in degree of protection against ulcer. Thus it can be concluded that potassium dicitro bismuthate (III) has antiulcer activity in rats.