The role of the university professor in combating extremism, a case study in Iraq


The Iraqi university professor constitutes the backbone of the educational and pedagogical process in Iraqi universities, institutes and academic institutions, and based on the slogan that ((the university is in the service of society)), the Iraqi university professor will bear the responsibility of contributing to the plans and strategies that are employed to combat all condemned phenomena that target the foundations and foundations. The Iraqi National Security, including the phenomenon of “extremism,” especially in Iraq, can employ the digital revolution to exploit its capabilities and its academic, research, and even teaching experience in employing the World Wide Web in the process of counterattacking all violent and extremist ideas that stir up sectarian and ethnic strife, and giving electronic lectures through ((Chat rooms)), ((Electronic forums)) and ((Facebook) pages) available on social media to introduce the dangers of extremism and its repercussions on peaceful coexistence, especially in areas where the terrorist organization ISIS was present between the years ((2014-2017)) and on Its head is Nineveh Governorate and the city of Mosul and its outskirts, not to mention writing articles, research and studies that address the causes, methods and repercussions of extremism on national and societal cohesion, especially since social media has become the focus of interest and use by the youth and adolescents in a large way, and these categories were among the groups. Targeted by the terrorist organization ISIS to win it over to the Takfiri organization.