A Study of assortment fertiliser’s evaluation for date-palm (Phoenix dactylifereira .L) Khadrawy cultivar under drip irrigation


A field experiment was carried out to assess the combination of chemical fertilizer to fertilize palms (Khadrawi) cultivar in station palm Saffron Al-Rabee - the General Board of date palm in 1522007.Where added nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in three levels together and compared these additions with a combination fertilizer containing Nitrogen 23% and 8.1% phosphorus and potassium 14%, and Magnesium 0.27%, iron 0.25 zinc0.09%, manganese, 0.07% and copper 0.0125%, 14 cycles per year, Begin to push in the middle of February and two times in each of ((March, April, May, September and October)), And once in each of the ((June, July and August)) and add organic manures at 12 kg of seedlings per year carried out on the palm products Khadrawi age of three years has shown results than transactions fertilizer with mixture fertilize morally superior to the transactions fertilizer levels low, medium and high Of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the growth rates ((number of leaves and the average length of the longest leaves)) And recorded the transaction fertilizer mixture highest number in the fronds and the fronds of $ 21, while they two treatment recorded 75N + 66P+ 66K+150N+99P+99K Lowest rate in the production of 12 leaves leaves, and the results showed the presence of significant increases in the number of seedlings between the high and the rate of fertilizer and fertilize mixture and was 4 seedlings While causing an increase in fertilizer added significant decrease in the proportion of dry matter (70.6%).