Classroom Management Techniques of Secondary School Teachers in the Center of Nenavah Governorate


The purpose of this study is to fine the classroom management methods of secondary school teachers at the center of Ninevah Governorate. Similarly to find if there is any significant differences in the classroom management styles of teachers according to sex variable. The sample of this study consists of (91) teachers, (39) of them were males, while (52) of them were females. This research adopted Shame's scale (1989) to identify The means of the classroom management after realizing criteria of its validity and reliability. Pearson correlation coefficient and T-test were used as statistical means. After analyzing 91 questionnaire, the results showed that (69.23%) of teachers used democratic style in classroom management, while (30. 77%) of teachers used autocratic style, while Laissez-faire style was not used. Also, the results showed that there are statistical significance differences between male and female teachers in the democratic style for the sake of the male teachers and there are no statistical significant differences in the use of the autocratic style.