Adsorption of Fe+3 , Cr+3 , Cd+2 ions from aqueous solution on red Kaolin


Abstract In this study the adsorption of Fe+3 , Cr+3 , Cd+2 ions on Red Kaolin from an aqueous solution was studied . The effect of various operation variable mainly adsorbate concentration, adsorbent dosage, temperature , PH and contact time of ions were evaluated . The optimum contact time to attain equilibrium at 90min of Cr+3 ion , 60min of Fe+3 ion , and 120min of Cd+2 ion , and the maximum of adsorbent dosage was 0.1gm of Cr+3 , Cd+2 and Fe+3 and the best PH values in the range (2-14) , the result showed in PH optimum at pH = 6 of Cr+3 , pH = 2 of Fe+3 and pH =3 of Cd+2. The effect of temperature and thermodynamic parameters wear also studied , the adsorption amount was increased with increased the temperature and the reaction was endothermic . The adsorption isotherms data was analyzed using the Freundlich and Langmuir .