production of hemolysin enzyme from local isolated of vibrio cholerae bacteria isolated from diarrhea patients


Diagnosed 26 isolate of vibrio cholera was isolated from clinical sources responsibleof causing diarrhea. All isolates showed high productivity of hemolysin by differentefficiency. Semi quantitative screening on a selective solid medium (blood ager additive 7%blood) showed that all isolates have the ability to produce hemolysin as indicated by theformation of clear zone around the colonies.The selected isolate characterized as Vibrio cholera AMK6 based on its highproduction of enzyme and used in the present study. The optimum conditions for hemolysinproduction by submerged cultures (brain heart infusion containing 3%Glycerol) with aninoculums size of 3x108 CFU at an initial pH of 8 with shaking incubation at 35oC, 150cycle/min for 24 hours