A Study of Benthic Macroinvertebrate Community in the Lower Part of Greater Zab River Near Guwer Subdistrict


In this study, the analysis of 48 qualitative macroinvertebrate samples were taken from four sites in the lower reach of Greater Zab river near Guwer subdistrict- Erbil from May 2008- April 2009. Sixteen taxa belong to Ephemeroptera, Diptera, Plecoptera, Hemiptera, in addition to one taxa belong to class Arachnides were identified. Site 1 is characterized by more identified taxa (12 taxa) than the other sites. Most abundant taxa were Tanypus spp. during studied period which followed by Hydrachna spp., with highest F index percentage reached to 75% and 58.3% respectively. According to Sorenson index, sites 2 and 3 were the most similar sites with values reached to 75%.