Relationship Between Helicobacter pylori Infection Fasting Plasma Glucose Concentration Bordering


Helicobacter pylori gastritis results in an increased secretion of basal andmeal-stimulated gastrin, which is also a physiologic amplifier of insulin release.Aim of the study: To detect the relationship between H. pylori infection andfasting blood glucose concentration.The study was performed on 209 patients (112 females and 97 males) and22 control subjects were referring to Immunology Dep. in Central Public HealthLaboratories for the period from August 2007 to June 2008, where H.pylori wasdiagnosed serologically. Fasting serum glucose concentrations had beenmeasured by the glucose oxidase procedure.The fasting plasma glucose was significantly lower in H. pylori infectedpatients than non-infected ones. Seropositive anti-H.pylori IgG antibodies weredetected in 36.6% of women participants (41/112) and in 37.1% of menparticipants (36/97).The research findings indicate a positive association between H. pyloriinfection and fasting serum glucose concentrations, indicating that H. pyloriinfection and related gastrointestinal disorder may be related to glycaemicstatus.