Joining Cast Iron to Carbon Steel by Adhesive and Brazing


Abstract The large difference in physical and mechanical properties between cast iron and carbon steel, has led the designers to pay increased attention to achieve high integrity joint between them. Brazing and adhesive bonding are a true processes to obtain reliable joint. Many applications to join cast iron to carbon steel such as pulley to steel shaft, gear to steel shaft, impeller to steel shaft and so on. Most of these applications joints made by fastening of inserted keys between two components. In heavy load, Keyes subjected at high stresses concentration and failed in fatigue fracture early. Fasteners often do not develop the full strength of the base materials, particularly if one of base materials is brittle like gray cast iron. In this paper , brazing with ductile filler metal (Ag-base alloy) and epoxy adhesive are more reliability to join carbon steel / gray cast iron with high shear strength and more uniform stresses with less defects. A gray cast iron-to-low carbon steel cylindrical lap joint was studied: a steel rod brazed and adhesive inside cast iron tube using BAg-7 braze alloy and epoxy adhesive. The shear strength of joints of varying lengths was made.